What angered Apple which led to the “Breakout”?

A story from 1976

Before I dive into the facts and try to connect the dots, I want to share with you a very old Apple true story. It is a story about a video game that was launched in 1976, the year Apple Computer Company was founded. The video was engineered by Steve Wozniak for Atari in collaboration with Steve Jobs, who was employed there as a technician and was called BREAKOUT. A clone version of Breakout was included with early iPod models (read more here).

B2B interchange fees

From the first minute I read about Apple Breakout vision, I wanted to go back and check the split of interchange fees when big or small card issuers are involved and banking as service providers.

The US Banks were fed up with the revenue sharing scheme

Of course, we all know that not all players are equal and special deals are made by entities like Amazon, Apple, and the likes.

Apple`s unusual concession

The other piece of information that adds to the suspense is a not so publicized agreement between Apple and Visa and Mastercard, that Apple agreed not to develop its own card network to compete with the two (Apple Card by Goldman is a Mastercard-powered card.)

Apple`s subscription model

Before I continue connecting the dots with you, let me share with you another story. They say that Vitalik Buterin first got fixated with the notion of decentralization because the company that produced his then-favorite video game changed suddenly the rules of the game which really upset him.



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