A next-generation core banking system is the magic turnkey

Efi Pylarinou
4 min readDec 10, 2020

This post was inspired by a Twitter thread around fintech infrastructure, innovation in core banking systems from the VC angle but not only. I enjoyed meeting there, Will Quist and Camera Obscura. I thank Simon Taylor whose Fintech Brain Food led me to the Twitter thread here.

2020 as an outlier year has provided us with lots of new experiences, valuable data, and solid learnings. One of those concerns consumer banking trends that showed retail valuing significantly large financial institutions. They moved cash and opened new accounts in the likes of Bofa, Chase, or Wells Fargo massively which is strong evidence that TRUST is an asset owned by incumbents of a large size. I should actually say, TRUST has been earned by these institutions over time, despite their occasional misdemeanors. In the case of Wells Fargo, the scandals are significant and they keep Wells Fargo still on the penalty list of the Fed (see here).

It shows that size is connected with `Too Big to Fail` in the mind of consumers and it works especially for licensed financial institutions. Which is evidence that A BANKING LICENSE is the other Asset.

Cornerstone Advisors 2019 US consumer survey shows that 44% of millennials (21–37yrs old) bank at the three large incumbents — Bofa, Chase, or Wells Fargo — and these are their primary bank providers.

They also reported statistics for Q1 & Q2 2020 what showed that checking account applications for the 3 US megabanks, rose. From levels c. 55% in 2019, to 63% in Q1 and 69% in Q2.

We also see that the re-bundling unstoppable Fintech megatrend is coupled with several grown-up Fintechs seeking a costly and cumbersome banking license in the US. As Ajit Tripathi declares in the last sentence of his `Bitcoin is Good for Paypal, but is Paypal good for Bitcoin?`

You live only once! Become a bank.

by @Chainyoda

Just to name a few, Varo got a banking license in September, Sofi got approval in October, Revolut has applied for a US banking license. Maybe Stripe will apply for a banking license too.

Now if we had to name the third asset, that could create a sustainable moat along with TRUST & BANKING LICENSE, what would it be?



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