Over the past decade, the US led the adoption of `Robo Advisors` which have now become mainstream. Now is the decade, for the mainstream adoption of Digital Investing in Private markets and it will be led out of Singapore. History indicates that it will probably take less time to penetrate the current layers of distribution channels that provide access to Private market investments to the various investor classes.

Data speaks and without any doubt, both private banks that serve institutional investors and ultra HNW individuals and Consulting firms analyzing the Wealth Sector for decades, report that:

Wechat and Alipay are the two Super Apps that everybody envies. They are China`s American dream success story that Hollywood has not dared yet to make into a blockbuster movie. Maybe Netflix will launch a series.

Paypal and Square not the only wannabe Super Apps in the West. We have Wise, Revolut and Walmart, and maybe even Klarna. Turkey seems to be thirsty to become part of this with Ozan. Papara also aspires to become one too, in South East Asia. Latin America also has Rappi and Mercado Libre as potential contenders. Japan has Kakao and Line.

“Can you imagine…

Tether has been the Stablecoin King with a solid dominance and a safe distance from the 2nd and 3rd runners.

Tether is the Hare in Aesop`s myth but will there be a Tortoise and why?

Market maturity traditionally has been measured in several ways in the markets. In equities and fixed income, we look at the variety of financial instruments or subsectors, their liquidity, new listings and several growth metrics.

Up to 2017, the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies was dominated by Bitcoin whose market cap was around 98% more or less since birth. The proof of work consensus and…

This blog is part of a series focused on `Digital communities`. These are `writings for the purpose of connecting currently unrelated dots`. These blogs are also intended to bring increased awareness on the significance of Intention in designing technologies.

In this second post, I will zoom in to an existing and well-established `Digital community` type and look at its `à l’envers` potential` and whether digitalization has moved the needle in terms of a bottom-up design of governance.

Most of us belong to some shareholder group, by the mere fact of owning shares of a private or public company. I personally…

This blog is part of a series focused on `Digital communities`. These are `writings for the purpose of connecting currently unrelated dots`. These blogs are also intended to bring increased awareness on the significance of Intention in designing technologies.

Social interactions and the ways we organize and collaborate are evolving, sometimes very slowly and sometimes changes happen abruptly. We are in the early phases of our cyborg evolution and I am interested in how we use technology to design the Social and Governance frameworks we want. Naturally, technology implementations with a certain intention can take a life of their own…

The complexities facing a bank operating in multiple jurisdictions aiming to move to the cloud in order to able to close the books remotely; can’t be underestimated. This may mean working with 2–3 cloud providers, dealing with multiple outsourcing agreements, making sure all jurisdictional financial regulations, domain-specific regulations, and data regulations, are respected.

Add-on additional complexities facing such a bank, if they are looking to enable their data scientists to use all possible anonymized data on the cloud, via APIs, securely & in full compliance, in order to gain insights and develop new internal AI capabilities to serve their customers…

Running a retail bank, a wealth management firm, or an insurance company requires a digital transformation strategy with a road map. COVID19 has left no room for any further boardroom discussions on this topic. However, the distinction between tactical and strategic moves makes a big difference.

CEOs, CFOs, CDOs running any financial business have been forced to reshuffle their previous business priorities and intensify internal digitalization processes towards what Forrester calls `Autonomous Finance`.

The Salesforce research focused on financial services trends covers in detail the reshuffling of business priorities and shows the shifts in retail banking, wealth management, and insurance…

To leverage internal Data & Data Analytics, it is paramount to become internally an API-first organization. Such a digital transformation for any size organization will enable efficient data management, will unlock value through data analytics, and will add resilience. It is never late to start this journey.

Feng Shui was all the rave in the 90s, especially at the personal level. Although not trending these days, large corporations continue to spend on business Feng Shui consultants [1] to improve internal communication, teamwork, alignment, and more. …

Trust and Money have been always tightly connected and the only thing that may change is the way Trust is established around finances.

A new study by Oracle and personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi was published just a few weeks ago providing a variety of insights around Trust and financial affairs.

Changes in the ways we make Investment Decisions and manage our money, are undisputed. Even though Americans` trust in financial professionals remains fairly stable over the past two decades, what has changed considerably is how much they use the Internet for their investment decisions and how little mind control advertising has.

Efi Pylarinou

№1 Finance Global Woman Influencer by Refinitiv 2020 & 2019. Fintech & Blockchain Advisor: 30yrs FINANCE; #fintech #blockchain

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