12 Thought Leaders Share Insights on Blockchain`s Impact on Wealth & Asset Management

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Blockchain technology is powering up cutting-edge innovation and experimentation in wealth & asset management. We all acknowledge that digitalization is threatening traditional business models in finance and that it is unstoppable. These threats also present opportunities for wealth and asset managers.

We, , and myself embarked on a journey to provide you with updates and insights on this trend which is evolving, and dynamic. We echo the views of thought leaders and various market players sharing evidence that Blockchain, has the potential to fundamentally change wealth and asset management, both by replacing the infrastructure in the management of existing asset classes and as the backbone for new alternative assets.

We started speaking to players and asking them `How Distributed ledger technology and Blockchain is currently reshaping wealth and asset management? Where is the industry today and how do they foresee things changing in the future?` Along with the products and services of the participants, this inaugural report includes a thought leader from each company that shares her/ his views on these questions.

Now is the time for the wealth and asset management industry to start preparing for the changes in business process and in investment products that are coming from the adoption of Blockchain technology. Surely, some of these will come later and some are already here. Regulation and mass scale adoption takes time. In the current environment, things happened slowly, gradually, but then Suddenly. So, keep learning, understanding the changes that are underway.

The report can be downloaded .

It includes, opinion pieces from ARK Investment Management, the manager of the first ETF that included Bitcoin in its holdings in 2015, and from MAMA, the Multichain Asset Managers Association, a trade association focused on the development of on-chain management.

In this report, we profile 10 solution providers from across the globe, with participants based in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the UAE. The companies are — Area2Invest, Chainalysis, Consensys, CrescoFin, DSENT, FiCAS, FundsDLT, Lykke, SEBA Bank, and Securrency.

As this is the first report on this topic it is by no means covering all the activity in the area as the space is evolving fast, with some subsectors maturing (e.g. custody), and other nascent ones emerging (e.g. DeFi — Decentralized Finance). Given the level of innovation in this area, we plan to publish updates and/or sequels to this report on an on-going basis and will make this an annual WealthTech Views report for the sector.

is the digital marketplace & intelligence resource for the global wealth management sector. is an ex-Wall Street professional who has become a thought leader and recognized global influencer in Finance.

We hope you enjoy reading the report and look forward to hearing your thoughts. We are committed to building bridges between the old and the new economy. We believe in the fusion of technological innovations in financial markets, in ways that benefit the end customer and the entire ecosystem as a whole.

If you are a solution provider in this space and would like to feature in any of the updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Efi Pylarinou

Founder, Efi Plyarinou Advisory

Simon Ramery

Co-founder, The Wealth Mosaic

Written by

№1 Finance Global Woman Influencer by Refinitiv 2020 & 2019. Fintech & Blockchain Advisor: 30yrs FINANCE; #fintech #blockchain

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