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Stripe is in the spotlight as they ranked high based on several criteria in the latest Forrester Wave report (along with the European Adyen). They are also in talks to raise additional funding at nearly double the current valuation (current $36Billion, expected $70billion). Stripe raised $600million recently (Apri 2020) and if a fresh round materializes at the talked about valuation level of $70billion, they would be the world’s second-most valuable venture-backed company. If ByteDance divests its majority stake in TikTok by this Friday’s CFIUS deadline, then Stripe would become number one at $70billion.

The Forrester rankings are based on 15 criteria and 5 is the top score. The criteria include the offerings of card payments or alternative online payments, subscription & recurring payment capabilities, currency mgt & settlement, fraud detection, APIs & architecture, 3rd party integration, and more. …


Efi Pylarinou

№1 Finance Global Woman Influencer by Refinitiv 2020 & 2019. Fintech & Blockchain Advisor: 30yrs FINANCE; #fintech #blockchain

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